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The Sleepy Sheep Tail Tale

Imagine counting sheep in the evening at bedtime. 434 words.

The Child's Shadow

A shadow gets sad, frustrated, and angry because it never gets to do what it wants—the way kids can—then makes a discovery. 479 words.

The Magic Flute-Pipe

When she sees that a ragged boy’s flute makes others happy, a spoiled princess demands it for herself. 487 words.

The Goblin's Bride

A goblin wants a poor farmer’s daughter for his wife, but a bulldog changes everything. 538 words.

The Sad Caterpillar

Other bugs tease and bully the caterpillar for being weak and ugly and clumsy until something strange happens that surprises even the caterpillar. 523 words.

The Mirror

An evil sorcerer uses his magic mirror to scare and bully everyone until a brave and clever little girl tricks him. 553 words.


Two ants quarrel over which gets to eat a piece of peppermint they’ve found and try to get animal friends to solve their problem. 472 words.

The Goblin and Sasquatch

A goblin wants to marry a poor woodcutter’s son and daughter both—until bigfoot Sasquatch steps in. 531 words.


Bluejay bullies the other birds and brags it can do anything better than any of them, including creating a bigger stink than Sparrow. 551 words.

The Goblin's Bridegroom

A goblin seeks a poor fisherman’s son for her husband, but gets a sudden billy goat surprise. 531 words.

The Dark Thing at Night

After his grandmother makes him go to bed a boy decides to sneak cookies from the refrigerator—if he’s not too afraid. 723 words.

Runt the Trash Elf

Big brother elves pick on their younger brother and make him work hard to pay for their easy, lazy ways, until he makes a discovery and learns about working for himself. 989 words.
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The Twelve Dancing Princesses

Three princes fail, but a doldier finally discovers why the shoes of twelve princesses have been danced to pieces every morning. 1362 words.

Brer Rabbit and the Brier Patch

Brer Fox makes a baby doll of sticky tar and catches Brer Rabbit, who tricks Brer Fox into tossing him into the brier patch. 1300 words.